I realized I didn't check some of the missing words... I'm posting you the sentences again.

1) Photo B shows a check-out clerk and a customer standing at the counter of a clothes department (or shop). The customer may have just bought a present for a friend because I can see a nicely wrapped-up packet on the conter.
2) Photo E shows a fashion designer in the foreground. She is dressed in a red sweater and is probably sketching a new design. In the background there is a mannequin wearing a wedding gown.
3) A sitting (??) woman is checking the length of the wedding gown on the mannequin. To the left and to the right of the mannequin respectively there is a sewing machine.
4) A crowd of people and journalists are standing on both sides of a catwalk. They are taking pictures of the models on the stage.
5) New designs are being shown on the catwalk. Two models are standing at the top of the catwalk whereas a dark -skinned model is walking down the catwalk. They are all wearing elegant, tight, sleeveless dresses, pearly white gloves, and stilettos (spikes?).

6) Today I'm going to collect all your holiday homework and check it.
I'll bring it back to you in a week's time. I'm going to evaluate it as an oral mark. At the end of next week I'll have you write (or you'll do) an entry test to assess your knowledge of the grammar and vocabulary.

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  1. 1. conter = counter

    3. A seated woman Capitalize "The" left, etc.


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  2. Your airctle was excellent and erudite.

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