Dr. Investa Gator is trying to discover how fear prepares subjects to deal with unexpected loud noises in a dark room in which they are sitting. Dr. Gator is a(n):


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  1. What are the definitions of these words?

    I'll start you out with phrenologist -- a person who studies the bumps and shape of the skull.

  2. structuralist: focuses on uncovering the fundamental mental compnents of consciousness, thinking, and other types of mental states and activities

    functionalist:concertrated on what the mind, the functions of mental activity, and the role of behavior in allowing people to adapt to their environments

    Gestaltist:foucses on the organization of perception and thinking in a whole sense rather than on the individual elements of perception

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  3. How about functionalist?

  4. functionalist:concertrated on what the mind, the functions of mental activity, and the role of behavior in allowing people to adapt to their environments

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  5. I think it is functionalist, however i am not sure.

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  6. I agree with you -- functionalist.

  7. thanks

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  8. You're welcome.

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