An AM station broadcasts rock music at "950 on your radio dial" Units for AM frequencies are given in kilhertz(kHz). Find the wavelength of the station's radio waves in meters, nanometers, and angstroms.

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  1. you would use 1 Hz =299792458wavelength meters

    so using that you would convert kHz to Hz, then Hz to meters. for the radio wave in meters

    then you would continue using the same conversion as the one above and then convert meters to nanometers using 1m= 1X10^-9 nm.

    for the last one in angstroms. you use the conversion you left off of with meters and convert 1m=1X10^10 A.

    Hope that helps:)

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  2. I don't understand that process, since the answer for the meters is supposed to be 316m

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  3. First of all do a quick approximation from general knowledge as 1 MHz has a wavelength of 300 m. Thus we expect that 950 kHz (0.950 MHz) will have a wavelength just longer than this.

    f=950 kHz

    use v=fl, velocity = frequency x wavelength

    so l=v/f

    velocity (speed of light) = 3 x 10^8 m s^-1

    950 kHz = 950 x 10^3 s^-1

    thus l=3 x 10^8 m s^-1/950 x 10^3 s^-1

    so l=316 m

    which is consistent with our approximation at the start.

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