Calcium carbonate is insoluble in water. Name two substances that when mixed in solution, will form a precipitate of calcium carbonate. Explain why is it the two substances that you have chosen.

 why does magnesium chloride cannot be prepared in the lab by the reaction of dilute sulfuric acid to give salt magnesium sulfate? Instead of magnesium, magnesium carbonate and magnesium oxide?

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  1. You need to have two salts that are soluble, one needs to be a soluble calcium salt. A good choice here is the nitrate as all nitrates are soluble. The other needs to be a soluble carbonate salt. The solubility of the carbonates increases as you go down Group 1, so I would avoid lithium carbonate. Caesium carbonate is very soluble.

    "why does magnesium chloride cannot be prepared in the lab by the reaction of dilute sulfuric acid to give salt magnesium sulfate?" I don't understand??

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  2. IDK zzz

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