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i need help with a U.S history question, how would i describe Roanoke? its an 8th grade U.S history question i need it FAST!!!

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  1. You're probably asking about Roanoke Colony, also known as the Lost Colony. It was established in what is now North Carolina in 1585. No one knows what happened to its settlers.

  2. but what were the key people oh the Roanoke colony? cause on my U.S History worksheet it asks me describe Roanoke, and name the key people and describe them.....

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  3. The article I posted has that information.

  4. *key people OF* sorry bad typing

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  5. ok thanks :) you really helped, i might need more help soon

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  6. Also --

  7. ok thanks

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  8. and then i am really stuck on the reasons England wanted colonies in the Americas, and the reasons colonists wanted to come to the Americas

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  9. England wanted colonies to gain more land and money. Colonists came for the same reasons, plus some of them came for freedom of religion.

    I often think of one of my ancestors who emigrated from England to Rhode Island in the early 1600s. He was the son of a clergyman, but orphaned when he was about 3 years old. Obviously, he had no money and no land in England, and was probably also a Quaker. He came as a teenager or young man. Life in Rhode Island had to be better than life at home.

  10. you have been a ton of help, but the reason colonists needs 3, and i only 2..... should i just erase land and a place to live off my 1st answer and but it to the 3rd answer?

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  11. put it to the 3rd answer*

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  12. Land was all important then. Most people lived on farms and grew their own food. They wanted farms. England wanted land to rule and to make money off the natural resources on that land.

  13. you have been SOOOO much help for me my worst subject is History! and you Ms. Sue have been a life saver!

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  14. You're welcome, Sam.

  15. what did the network of farmers self-help organizations eventally call themselves?

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