Write the expression and evaluate. There is only one answer whIch should match the range of the inverse trig function.


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  1. I will do the 2nd one:

    sec^-1 (-√2) = Ø , such that sec Ø = -√2
    cos Ø = -1/√2
    I know that cos 45° = 1/√2
    but the cosine is negative in II and III
    so Ø = 180-45° = 135°
    or Ø = 180+45 = 225°

    They probably expect the answer of 135° or 3π/4 radians

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  2. How did you come up with 135 being the answer? I understand what you did but you said it could also be 225, so what makes you pick 135?

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  3. Also doesnt the cos45 = sqrt2/2 not 1/sqrt 2?

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  4. yes, because sqrt2/2 = 1/sqrt2

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