Using the operator precedence that excel 2007 follows,which calculation wuld be perfomed first from the following equation?119+7*3/(8-6)-4/2
is a) correct answer thank you

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  1. A simplified order of precedence in Excel is:
    * and /
    + and -

    * and / have the same precedence, so the formula will be evaluated from left to right if one follows the other.

    To check the order, you would look for parentheses, the enclosed content of which will be executed first.

    Then you would look for * and /.
    They would be executed next, from left to right.

    Then you would look for + and -, again they would be from left to right.

    If you follow the above rules, you will have no problem finding the right answer, which is not (a) 119+7 because there are other operators that have a higher precedence than "+".

    Post your answer for a check if you are not sure.

    Also, see the following article from Microsoft:

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