how about this sentence?

After breakfast, before we'd had time to scatter.

Is that we would?

One way to tell is to read the sentences aloud to yourself without the contraction. It'll be obvious to you.

After breakfast, before we had had time to scatter ...


After breakfast, before we would had time to scatter ...

The first one (had) makes the verb into the past perfect tense.
The second one is a verb combination that doesn't exist!!


thanks so much.

After breakfast, before we would had time to scatter ... I don't know but I think it might be either have had or yours.... Had had

It has to be "had had" since "would had" is not a verb combo in English. ("Would have" is a recognized verb combo, though.)

The whole thing is not a complete sentence, though. It would be helpful to see the whole sentence.


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asked by elliott

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