13) The main difference between a marketing strategy and a marketing plan is that:

A. Time-related details are included in a marketing plan.
B. A marketing strategy omits pricing plans.
C. A marketing strategy provides more detail.
D. A marketing plan includes several marketing strategies.

14) Which of the following is part of a complete marketing plan?

A. Competitors' marketing strategies.
B. What company resources (costs) are required and at what rate.
C. How different marketing mixes (for different target markets) relate to each other.
D. All of these.

15) Which of the following would probably NOT be in a proposed marketing plan?

A. A list of what company resources (costs) would be required.
B. A description of the target market and marketing mix.
C. Expected sales and profit results.
D. A statement of how frequently the design of the website will be changed.

16) Target marketing, in contrast to mass marketing,

A. Is limited to small market segments.
B. Focuses on fairly homogeneous market segments.
C. Ignores markets that are large and spread out.
D. Assumes that all customers are basically the same.

17) Good marketing strategy planners know that:

A. Firms like Nabisco and WalMart are too large to aim at clearly defined target markets.
B. The terms mass marketing and mass marketer mean basically the same thing.
C. Mass marketing is often very desirable and effective.
D. Target marketing does not limit one to small market segments.

18) Marketing strategy planners should recognize that:

A. Target markets should not be large and spread out.
B. Target marketing is not limited to small market segments.
C. Large firms like General Electric, Target, and Procter & Gamble are too large to aim at clearly defined markets.
D. Mass marketing is often very effective and desirable.

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  1. Oops! You forgot to post your answers.

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  2. What is the best approach for marketing services such as a City's best features to attract tourism?

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