I did not understand this part of my class so here is the question

What is media convergence? Provide an example of media convergence and explain the media elements that are being combined. Explain how the combination of media elements in your example may be useful and to whom.

And here is my answer-

Media convergence is the merging of mass communications outlets such as television, radio and the Internet along with portable and interactive technologies though various digital presentation platforms. Media convergence allows mass media professionals to tell and present information and entertainment using a variety of media. One example of early media convergence was WebTV which has tended to be much less important as the performance/cost of PC's has improved to eliminate the perceived benefits of combining the Internet with television. Other examples of mass media convergence are print and television, radio and internet. Media convergence is a phenomenon as revolutionary to communication as the invention of movable type or electronic communication.

I need help re writing it because it is not good enough.

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