To acquire your credit report you can request a free copy from one of three credit bureaus Experian, Equifax, or Transunion. These companies can be contacted by U.S. mail, phone or through their websites. When reviewing your credit report you should check it for errors. If there are any discrepancies contact the credit bureau, they will investigate and make corrections, if warranted. The burden of proof for the accuracy of information is placed on the creditor rather than the consumer. Whether or not your report has errors, if it’s in need of improvement this can be done legally by doing the following: correct any outdated or incorrect information in your credit report, make your payments on time, reduce your total debt, mix up the types of credit you obtain, not only credit cards.

how many pronouns do i have and are they correct

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asked by mary
  1. the credit bureaus; they will
    ...improvement, this can

    MY eyes are so tired that I hope I caught all the pronouns...
    you / you / it (Object pronoun rather than subject pronoun) / they / it (in it's) / you


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