a hard H20 contains 0.0085% Ca by mass(form Ca+ ions).How much H2O(g) contains 1.2g of Ca?

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asked by susan
  1. 0.0085% means 0.0085g Ca^2+ ions/100 g solution.
    g H2O = 100 x 1.2/0.0085 = ??

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  2. can i know why and where do you get the 100g solution? eventhough in the question it didt state anything about 100g.

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    posted by susan
  3. .0085/100 (Flip it)

    1.2g Ca x 100/.0085g Ca = 14,118 g soln

    g H2O = 14118 - 1.2 = 14,116 g h2o

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    posted by Kelsey

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