phenol is insoluble in NNAHCO3 solution while acetic acid is soluble.give reason.

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asked by nat
  1. Carboxylic acids are strong enough acids to react with NaHCO3 or with NaOH. Acetic acid is a carboxylic acid.

    Phenol will react with NaOH but not NaHCO3 because it is too weak.
    In fact, that is a test in organic chemistry to determine if it is a carboxylic acid or not. Extract with NaOH and you get all of the acids. Extract with NaHCO3 and you get the carboxylic acids but not the other weaker organic acids.

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  2. acetic acid is strong enugh to react with NAHCO3 while phenol is not soluble in NAHCO3..because it is weaker acid

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    posted by kiran

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