Math: Parabola, Vertex

Find the vertex of the parabola associated with the quadratic function.

f(x)= -1/7x^2 - 2/11x + 1/121

(h,k)= What is the vertex of this quadratic function?

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  1. Hint: the x-coordinate of the vertex of a parabola y = ax^2 + bx + c is -b/2a.

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  2. F(x) = -x^2/7 - 2x/11 + 1/121,

    h = -b/2a = (2/11) / (-2/7) = -7/11.

    k = -(-7/11)^2/7 -2(-7/11)/11 + 1/121,
    k = -(49/121*1/7 + 14/11/11 + 1/121,
    k = -7/121 +14/121 + 1/121 = 8/121.

    V(h,k) = V(-7/11,8/121).

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  3. y^2+4y+2x=0

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