Resources For Educating Young Children, Part 1

I have a few more questions to ask they are

1. Mike becomes angry when he can’t solve a mathematical problem, and slams his book down on the desk. Since his behaviour is disruptive to his classmates, you wish to devise a scale by which you can gauge the impact it has on his fellow students. In doing so, you are measuring


6. Which one of the following does not qualify as an objective?
a)students will practice finding common denominators amongst five different fractions
b)the children will develop the ability to do 10 push ups
c)students will learn to distinguish between a noun and a verb
d)the children will enhance their mathematical skills

8. David is a student in your mathematical class. You feel he may be taking more time than expected to learn the mathematical concepts. You decide to compare him to Alice, his classmate, whose abilities are typical for the age group. Which type of standardized test will you perform?

a) formal to informal assessment
b)criterion referenced
d)naturalistic observation

9. David, Mike, and Stuart watch a lot of superhero television shows. When they come to school, they imitate the violent actions of the superheroes they watch. To discourage this behaviour, what would be an effective strategy under the process of the program evaluation?
a)write to the television station and complain about the effect that violence is having on young children.

b)Implement a policy discouraging the behaviour and don’t deviate from it

c)devise a strategy to regulate violence at the school, and demand that the parents of the children conform to it.

d)Develop a policy against violence, and then test it over a three week period to assess its effectiveness

10. A child in your discussion skills class is a recent immigrant to Canada. She seems to be an intelligent girl but doesn’t seem to have much to contribute in class. What would you recommend?

a)encourage her to read books in her native language and to discuss them with her parents to develop her reasoning skills

b)cation her to avoid visits to the ‘old country’ since this will create conflict between her ‘old’ and “new” values

c)suggest that she not use her native language at all in the home. She must develop the habit of thinking only in English

d)suggest that the parents confine discussion in the home to” Canadian issues” rather that discuss the history of their native country.

12. A teacher notices that Ted seems to be having increasing difficulty with mathematics and wishes to bring the matter his parents’ attention. Which one of the following would not be a good strategy to employ?
a) collect samples to Ted’s work and show it to his parents in comparison with what is typically expected of the class

b)observe Ted, diagnose his problem, and then share you insights with his parents

c) suggest that other teacher !@#$%^& his performance in order to bring their in sights to the problem

d) if possible, record Ted’s attempt at solving a problem in order to document his area of difficulty

15. The question “Did you list all of the characteristics of the child that may make it difficult to achieve the objective” is associated with which Major Step in the Individualized Planning Process?

a)Short-term objectives
c)Modifications to environment
d)Faciliation of learning

My answers are:
6. A
8. A
9 D
10. A
12. C
15. B

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asked by beth
  1. I agree with all of your answers except 6 and 8.

  2. could you help me with any suggestions for 6 i'm kinda confused about this one

    do you think b for 8

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    posted by beth
  3. 6. An objective must be specific and measurable. Which of your choices requires a specific and measurable or observable action?

    8. Check this site.

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