Which of the following contains the most mechanical energy?

A 10 kg ball at the top of a hill 10 meters high
A 5 kg ball rolling with a velocity of 12 m/s
A 10 kg ball rolling with a velocity of 5 m/s
A 5 kg ball at the top of a hill 10 meters high

I think it is A

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  1. PE = mgh = 10 * 9.8 * 10 = 980J.

    KE = 0.5mV^2 = 0.5 * 5 * (12)^2 = 360J.

    KE = 0.5 * 10 * 5^2 = 125J.

    PE = 5 * 9.8 * 10 = 490J.

    You are correct!

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