Do you think that the British influence in India was positive or negative? Explain your answer.

I think that the British influence in India was both positive and negative. They helped ge the country on track by doing things such as ending slavery, improving schools, and build a large railroad network. Unfortunately, there was also a negative impact. India used to be have a flourishing textile industry until the British came in the picture. The British used Inda as a market for thei cheaper, machine-made textiles. The British imported raw coton from India, made it into cloth, and then shipped the finished product back to India to sell. Millions of Indian textile wokers lost their jobs because of this.

Another negative about British rule was the British didn't treat the Indians as if they were on the same level as them. British officials took all the positions of power in the government and the army and left the Indians with the lower level jobs

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  1. OK. Overall, do you think the end result was positive or negative?

    Make sure you proofread your final answer.

  2. Thank you very much! I didn't realize just how many grammatical mistakes i had. Here is my new answer with the grammar fixed (as far as I know) and with a new last sentence.

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