I need feedback on my choices. Did I choose the right answers to each of the 10 questions below? If not what is the correct answer for the questions that I got wrong wrong?

1. Dr. Schmidt studies the factors that activate and direct behavior toward an individual’s goals. Dr. Schmidt studies: This is my choice. D=Motivation

A) personality.

B) intelligence.

C) cognition.

D) motivation.******

2. _________ approaches to motivation emphasize the appealing properties of external objects or goals. This is my choice. C=Incentive

A) Drive-reduction

B) Arousal

C) Incentive******

D) Cognitive

3. Innate, biologically determined patterns of behavior are called: This is my choice. B=Instincts

A) reflexes.

B) instincts.******

C) drives.

D) motives.

4. Problem-solving strategies, or heuristics, include: This is my choice. D=All of these

A) means-ends analysis.

B) forming subgoals.

C) working backward.

D) All of these******

5. Phonology is the study of: This is my choice. B=Speech Sounds

A) pay phones, cell phones, and pagers.

B) speech sounds.******

C) word order.

D) meaning.

6. The notion of practical intelligence is associated with: This is my choice. B=Sternberg

A) Gardner.

B) Sternberg.********

C) Weschler.

D) Spearman.

7. “Fight-or-flight” responses entail activity of the ________ nervous system. This is my choice. D=Sympathetic

A) somatic

B) parasympathetic

C) asympathetic

D) sympathetic*******

8. Psychologists define _________ as the capacity to understand the world, think rationally, and use resources effectively. This is my choice. B=Intelligence

A) cognition

B) intelligence******

C) creativity

D) problem solving

9. As compared to less creative individuals, creative persons: This is my choice. D=All of these

A) prefer more complex stimuli.

B) are more independent.

C) are more interested in abstract, philosophical problems.

D) All of these********

10. According to your text, intelligence tests have been beneficial in: This is my choice. D=All of these

A) identifying students of need in special attention in school.

B) diagnosing learning and memory difficulties.

C) helping people make the best educational and career choices.

D) All of these******

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  1. 1. I can not answer that without knowing WHICH Dr. Schmidt. Is it Richard? Perceptual motor control is what HE studies.

    It would also help to know the title, author, etc. of the text you are studying.

    Another way to check is to do a search on each option. Sorry, but I dont' have time to do that for you.


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  2. Thank you

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  3. I don't who Schmidt is. The answer is right.

    The other answers seem right, but I don't know what you text says (#10).

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  4. use the book

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  5. a

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