Most people feel health care is priceless; however, health care comes with a steep cost. What factors must be considered when looking at the true cost of care?

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  1. Is the procedure or medication or test necessary? Has it been proven to help patients?

    Is there a time to let nature take its course?

    Is it fair that some dental care (such as dentures) are not covered under Medicaid?

    What considerations have you thought about?

  2. this is what i have wrote! :)

    The factors that must be considered when looking at the true cost of care is that you are getting accurate information before you have applied for coverage, getting the right information in the beginning can help you in the end. Knowing that your health insurance works before you go to the hospital not after. There are other costs such as fees and premiums, and the important thing is to consider is what each person will pay for their health, some of the fees are greater and some are smaller depending on the specialist, and the care that is being provided and what is being done to the patient. Another factor that can be considered is whether the person or individual would like to get good care and treatment rather than to save some money that is another thing that may be considered when looking at the true cost of care.

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  3. Good.

  4. thank you, i mean i knew what i wanted to say but i didn't know if it sounded right ! thanks :)

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  5. You're welcome.

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