I'm doing a vinegar titration lab and i need to know how can my acetic acid in vinegar be affected if a few droops of NaOH solution is not washed down with distilled water

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  1. I assume you mean a drop (or several drops) from the buret that sticks to the side of the solution and isn't/aren't washed down. Let's look at how the calculations are done.
    eqn #1. moles NaOH = M x L = ?
    eqn #2. moles vinegar (acetic acid) = same as moles NaOH since the equation is a 1:1 ratio of acid/base. Then
    eqn #3. M vinegar = moles vinegar/L vinegar.

    If you add titrant (NaOH) from the buret and don't wash several drops down, that means you don't reach the end point so you must add more NaOH from the buret. That means volume NaOH is too much. From eqn 1, you know now moles NaOH are too much. That means from eqn 2 that apparent moles HCl are too high. From eqn 3, if moles are too high, M vinegar (concn vinegar) will be too high.

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