Language and other barriers

Could you check my answers Please

11. ESL programs in Canada first became widespread as a result of

A. an increased influx of immigrant students in our nation’s public schools during the

B. the Canada Clause of 1982.

C. a large number of German immigrants who settled in the Prairie Provinces during
the mid-1800s.

D. the constitution of 1867.

12. As a teacher aide in a multicultural classroom, you should realize that

A. your teacher is the best resource for information on diversity-related information.

B. it’s up to you to help improve children’s attitudes today, so we can have a better
world tomorrow.

C. multicultural awareness is a lifelong endeavor.

D. the best way to teach a child about other cultures is to learn about his or her own
heritage first.

13. In an ESL classroom, teacher aides should prepare themselves to

A. learn or become familiar with appropriate language-related software programs.

B. handle all disciplinary measures that arise on behalf of the teacher.

C. counsel parents regarding their child’s progress or problems.

D. construct lesson plans as needed.

14. The best way for a school to demonstrate multicultural awareness is to

A. host special “ethnic” or “diversity” student assemblies.

B. include multicultural content in as many subject areas as possible—in mathematics,
science, etc.

C. celebrate ethnic or cultural holidays throughout the year.

D. review all classroom materials and books for appropriate cultural content.

15. When selecting books for the classroom you should avoid ones that include

A. nontraditional roles like female police officers, single parents, or male secretaries.

B. stereotyped characters due to race, gender, or exceptionality.

C. characters who resemble real people.

D. characters who are too powerful or overbearing.

16. According to James A. Banks, one of the most important elements of a successful
multicultural program is

A. the teacher’s attitude toward diversity and ethnic content.

B. having enough money to support a detailed program.

C. asking minority teachers to teach multicultural curriculum content.

D. community participation in your school’s multicultural prog

17. A common stereotype against females is that they’re

A. messy

B. passive.
C. active.
D. competitive.

18. To welcome a new Asian student into your classroom, it would be appropriate to

A. greet him or her warmly with a hug.

B. have the student introduce himself or herself to the class.

C. have classmates greet the new student by saying “welcome” in the child’s native

D. host a surprise party or celebration in honor of the new student.

19. To encourage positive self-esteem among students in an antibiased classroom,
you should

A. encourage equal competition among the sexes as much as possible.

B. give rewards that provide instant gratification.

C. push all students to be the best that they can be.

D. provide special recognition to individual achievers when appropriate.

My answers are

11. b
12. no idea
13. no idea
15. b
16. a

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  1. I urge you to go back and study your text again.

    I only agree with your answers for 15, 16, and 17.

    I believe the others are wrong.

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