Math algebra (urgent!) help me! Thanks a lot!! (;

Mr lol bought x oranges for $30 and sold them at a profit of 5cents per orange. Write down the (i)cost price of an orange.
(ii)the selling price of an orange

When he had sold all except 20 of the oranges, he found he had received $28.
(iii) form an equation in x and show that it simplifies to xsquare + 20x -12000= 0

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  1. Click6, I can give you an intuitive answer but not a mathematical one.
    My intuitive answer is there are 100 oranges bought in this problem. Thus each orange cost .30 or 100*.30=$30 The sellng price per orange is .35 or 5 cents more than the cost. 80 sold oranges times .35 equals $28 which fits with the stated parameters of your problem.

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  2. Check your 6-18-11, 12:51am post for

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  3. what is the radicle of 150

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