One side of a triangle is 6 meters more than twice the shortest side. The perimeter is 75 meters. Find all three sides.

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  1. let shortest side be x
    then the described side is 2x+6
    third side = y
    x + 2x + 6 + y = 75
    y = 69 - 3x

    restrictions: the sum of any two sides must be greater than the third side
    x + 2x+6 > 69-3x ---> 6x > 63 , x > 10.5
    x + 69-3x > 2x+6 --->-4x > -63 , x < 15.75
    69-3x + 2x+6 > x ---> -2x > 75 , x < -37.5, not possible

    10.5 < x < 15.75

    try x = 12
    one side is 12, the second side is 30, the third side is 69-3(12) = 33

    is 12+30>33 , yes
    is 12+33> 30 , yes
    is 33+30> 12 yes

    try x = 14
    one side is 14, the second side is 34, the third side is 69-3(14) = 27
    is 14+34>27 , yes
    is 14+27>34 , yes
    is 27+34> 14, yes

    as you can see there is an infinite number of solutions, as long as you the smallest side is between 10.5 and 15.75

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