social studies

The mysterious man looked at a large wall map of Germany and the countries she shared borders with. "Before starting a war, Germany always chooses a key city as its allied city. This city is usually the capital of another country. Clearly, Germany is moving in a predictable direction... clockwise across the center of Europe". How so gentle reader? What do the above statements mean? How well do you know your European geography and history hmmm? Can you discover a future event before it happens such as World War 3?

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  1. The key words here is YOU. Can YOU respond to this question and after you post that here, someone will critique it for you.


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  2. ??? I thought people used their own minds to gain understanding. What you're asking me to do is answer the question that I posed then maybe you'll respond to my answer. A bit lazy intellectually don't you think?
    I would like to see what other
    responses my question would cause readers to make here.

    I have no problem teaching people what I know but I would first like a little honest effort on their part.

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