Shantisha Brown
Article Critique 1

Mindes, Gayle; Murphy, Kathleen Torina (1982). The Importance of Play and Games in the Middle School Program for Emotionally Disturbed Young Adolescents. Journal of Mental Health Counseling, 31, 131-140.
In this article on play therapy the authors Mindes and Murphy explore the idea of using play therapy to help emotionally disturbed adolescents. They define play therapy as a “complex process involving social, cognitive, emotional, and physical elements” (1982). They further goes on to explain that it consist of voluntary actions relating to reality but not as serious or real. The article outlines the “theoretical rationale that informed the development of practice” (1982) in which some parents played an important role during the play therapy sessions. It goes on to explain how play therapy can help build important skills in which will aid them in the areas of self-confidence, security and loyalty. According to Mindes and Murphy play therapy creates a common ground that will “avoid negative connotation of the previous school experiences” (1982). By using different materials and the guidance of another person, the adolescent can act out their feelings and bring hidden emotions to the surface so that the adolescent can deal with the issue that is the cause of their emotional disturbs. When the adolescent have brought these emotions to surface the counselor help the adolescent face them and cope with their feelings.
As an aspiring counselor this article is very informative and gives insight into new ways of working with adolescents through play therapy. Children that experiences play therapy can actively act out their feelings and by allowing the children to do this the therapist can guide the child to avoid any further emotional trauma. The different play therapy techniques are used at the child’s level of understanding. The article further describes different approaches that can be used not only with adolescents but as young as early childhood to middle adulthood. Overall, I felt that this article was very useful in the area in which I wish to practice counseling. The authors contribute greatly to the field of counseling by writing this article. They bring new light to the area of play therapy by giving a different type of treatment for emotional disturbed adolescents. This type of treatment can also be used with other children who have experienced sexual as well as physical abuse, neglect, and loss of a family member. Although play therapy confronts psychological issues and not biological and medical problems it can still be used to understand the nature of the problem at hand. New research is needed to explore the long term effects of play therapy have on an adolescent. The author states the children use checkers and dominoes, how adults use play therapy to guide them through emotional disturbances.

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  1. What is your question?

  2. I want you to check for any errors. If you find any mistakes please correct them or let me know where the errors are. Thank you.

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  3. They further goes on >> go

    that it consist of >> consists

    important skills in which will >> omit "in"

    the adolescent can act out their feelings >> his or her -- not "their"

    When the adolescent have brought >> has, not have

    What corrections do you see in the rest of the essay?

  4. are there any comma splice

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  5. I really dislike paragraphs that long. You need to break it up.

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