What would be the simple subject of the following sentences?

Justin and Sara like to go hiking in the Rocky Mountains?

This is the strangest looking tree I've ever seen!

While hiding her anger as well as she could, Cindy handed the gift back to Bill.

Our favorite campsite was still available.

Is it time to go home yet?

Trying to help my daughter with her work but not sure if the answers I have are correct...don't wanna giver her wrong information.

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  1. Please post your answers, and I'll be glad to check them for you.

  2. I have Justin and Sara, tree, she, Our, and time....hope at leasst some are correct

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  3. Also another sentence was Bart, Mike, and Jim went bowling.

    I thought the simple subject might be Bart, Mike and Jim...but not sure

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  4. Justin and Sara Correct

    tree Wrong. What else could be the subject of the verb, "is"?

    she Wrong. "She is the subject of the subordinate clause. What is the subject of the main clause?

    Our Wrong. What is the verb?

    time Wrong. What else could be the subject of the verb, "is"?

    Bart, Mike and Jim Correct.

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