8th grade math

A 20 ounce bag of popcorn costs $2.80 at the movie theater, if the unit price remains the same, how much would a 35 ounce bag cost ?
Please help me, I'm in math class and Im stuck.

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  1. Use a proportion. Cross multiply and solve for x.

    20/2.80 = 35/x

  2. -First find the cost per ounce:
    2.80 divided by 20 = .14 per ounce
    -Then, multiply by 35 to find the price for 35 ounces:
    .14 x 35 = 4.90
    -Therefore, a 35 ounce bag of popcorn would be $4.90!
    Hope this helped!

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  3. n+(-5)
    when n=321

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  4. it is 4.90

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