1/2 cup fraction word problem

Jane is using a recipe to bake cookies.Recipe calls fo a little less than 1/2 of choc chips. Which amount is less than 1/2?

4/8 2/3 4/7 3/7
off the top of my head I see that 4/8 is equal

should I use ldc and make
2/3 4/6
4/7 8/14
3/7 6/14

then what?? should I reduce??

then I will be back to
with the differet denominator and cant tell which one is smaller

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  1. 1/2=(1*7)/(2*7)=7/14

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  2. hey it equals 2 how i just know

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  3. If you filled 2 1/5 cup,how many 1/5 cups would you need?

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