From the same Activity--- Number 3.

3. ranger sa chambre.

Sydney: Tu as rangée sa chambre?

Sam: Non, je n'ai pas rangée sa chambre.

Does sa chambre change the sentence at all? Is it supposed to be "ta" chambre?
I'm asking--did you clean your room, and not did you clean his room.

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  1. Did you not see my answer earlier with that exercise? Because you are now working with the Passé Composé with être (Reflexive Verbs, for example), where the past participle agrees with the subject in number and gender, you have forgotten that the Passé Composé using avoir have no agreement of the passt participle with the subject. BUT if there is a preceding direct object (noun or pronoun), there WILL be agreement with that!

    Tu as rangé OR As-tu rangé
    Non, je n'ai pas rangé = EVEN I F SAM IS FEMALE (a girl)

    Sra (aka Mme)

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  2. Did you clean your room : As-tu rangé ta chambre?
    Did you clean his room : As tu rangé sa chambre

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