Chinese in Canada

How did the employing practices of Chinese labour contractors lead to prejudice? How did they take advantage of Chinese workers?

The Knights of labour campaigned to have all Chinese removed from Vancouver. The kings would also often force Chinese residents out of town through threats and violence. They also organized a boycott against all businesses that sold goods to Chinese customers. In the urban areas, Chinese immigrants often did heavy manual labour that other British Columbians avoided. Usually, an English-speaking Chinese contractor would bid on a specific job (often land clearing) and would employ a group of Chinese workers. He would pay and house them out of the monies received for the contract, and would keep anything left over as profit. This system ended cheating the Chinese workers.

Have i got it right?

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  1. Yep!

    That seems to be the plight of all immigrant laborers.

  2. As a slightly connected topic you might want to look up
    The tunnels of Moose Jaw,or.r_gc.r_pw.&fp=b875c4152da991c7&biw=1630&bih=944

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  3. Thanks:)

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