How would i solve for this problems?
also what is the answer(s)

5.)Which answers are equal to the expression √16 x √25

b.√16 x 25
c.(16 x 25)^1/2
f.√25 x √16

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  1. clearly
    c) d) and f)

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  2. the computer test says that c,d,f are wrong

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  3. it said Remember, Also, the radical sign is the same as an exponent of 1/2 and Make sure that each answer you select has the same value as the expression in the box.

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  4. after reviewing the book i found the answer, which is b,c,d,f are all equal to the expression √16 x √25

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  5. b) is not a correct choice

    √16 x 25 = 4x25 = 100

    It would be correct if you had said
    √(16 x 25)

    the way you typed it, I am 100% sure it is c) d) and f)

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