Have I used adjectives and adverbs correctly here? Adjectives() Adverbs"" have I got them all?

When I was (younger) I learned that I had to be "very" (careful) with credit cards. (Managing) debt can be a (difficult) task. I know that it is "extremely" (important) to control my spending habits. I would "rather" use cash than credit cards. I check my credit report "annually" to verify all of the information. Credit cards are tempting because you can use them "everywhere" you go. Credit cards are considered (bad) credit. I "carefully" budget my expenses and plan for my future.

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  1. Managing = gerund, not an adjective

    All else is correct.

    The word "credit" is an adjective, as is "my."

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  2. I am confused. I thought credit was a noun? Also, do you mean I should () every time I have used my?

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  3. Many words can be more than one part of speech. In this case, credit modifies the noun, "card." It tells what kind of card.

    The pronoun, "my," is used as an adjective, so can be identified as either an adjective or a pronoun. Check with your teacher to see how s/he wants possessive pronouns identified.

  4. Is "when" at the beginning of the paragraph an adverb?

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  5. In that sentence, "when" is a conjunction.

  6. With the word credit... When I said credit report.. the use of credit in that case would be an adjective also, Right?

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  7. Right.

  8. Thank You!!

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  9. You're welcome.

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