Apple Computer

I chose this as another product to answer questions on. The slogan is really catchy.... "Think Outside the Box". Okay I just want to know whether my definition of this is right or not.

Think outside the box catches everyones attention since it means learn new things and look beyond what's there... Aaah! This sounds horrible

The product name is Apple. What does Apple mean? The only definition I found was Apple that you eat. I don't know how the logo(Apple) creates the brand image.

The Logo is an Apple too....What does that mean?

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    LOTS of interesting stuff here. Look at that 4th link. Does it help?

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  2. "reflect their steady but relentless move into the wider field of consumer electronics"

    Doesn't help much.

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  3. "Steve Jobs came up with the name in early 1976. At the time, he was often visiting and working on a small farm friends of his owned. It was a hippie commune where Steve spent a few months of the year.

    "When he returned from one of those stays, he told Steve Wozniak about his idea. Jobs probably was working on apple plantages. Or he just wanted their startup to be in front of Atari in the phone book. Or it was a tribute to Apple Records, the music label of the Beatles."

    3 possibilities -- who knows??

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  4. Are you reading what I'm reading??

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  5. They took it from the Beatles record label?

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  6. But I don't want to know How it got its name. I want to know what the name says to all those consumers out there? TO me it says nothing.

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  7. "Jobs probably was working on apple plantages. Or he just wanted their startup to be in front of Atari in the phone book. Or it was a tribute to Apple Records, the music label of the Beatles."

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  8. They're just guessing! No one knows, apparently.

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  9. Apple has its own brand recognition now -- regardless of the origin of its name. We all know the visual logo.

  10. Sorry to butt in.

    The Google searches give different references depending on the country and even the city. This is very annoying, and worse, this cannot be changed by the user.

    In other words, my third item from the same keyword search may/are different from any one of yours! Frustrating!!!

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