Some mole problems!
Which quantity of neon may be represented by the symbol Ne?
A) 1 gram B) 4 liters C) 6 x 1023 atoms D) 2 moles

A sample of nitrogen containing 1.5 x 1023 molecules has the same number of molecules as a sample containing
A) 1.0 mole of H2 B) 0.25 mole of O2 C) 0.50 mole of Ne D) 2.0 moles of He

Please explain how you got the answer. Thankss!

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  1. 1)Ne usually means 1 mole of Ne. How many atoms is that?
    2) How many moles? remembering that 1 mole of molecules is 6.02E23 molecules.
    1.5E23/6.02E23 = 0.25 moles.

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  2. mom

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