Can you please check this paragraph on the roaring twenties in America? Thank you in advance.

What were the roaring twenties in America characterized by?

1)The 1920s were good times for the Americans. National income was high, industry prospered making vast quantities of consumer goods.
2) The government fostered the welfare of private business but large areas of America , like the farmers of the Midwest, and the urban industrial workers remained untouched by wealth.
3)The 1920s were also characterized by the fear of Socialism, the so-called red scare, which led to the imprisonment and persecution of political activists with radical or labour backgrounds.
4) The most famous case on (‘?) a charge of murder was that of the Italian anarchists Sacco and Vanzetti, whose execution eventually divided American public opinion.
5) The restriction of immigration and the segregation of minorities into city slums like Harlem, which became the big Afro-American quarter in New York.

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  1. 1. Fix the run-on.

    2. Replace "like" with "such as" and fix the unnecessary space after "America" -- remove the comma after "Midwest" and add a comma after "workers."

    3. OK

    4. Change "on" to "involving"

    5. Fix the sentence fragment.

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