Logical Fallacies

Please respond to ALL FOUR questions in this section. Be sure to include a 1-2 sentence explanation of your answer (i.e., why is that the correct answer), not just the letter of your choice.
1.) I should get an ‘A’ in this class because I really need one.
(a)ad misercordiam (b)post hoc ergo propter hoc (c)slippery slope (d)bandwagon fallacy

2.) I should get an ‘A’ in this class because I got ‘A’s in all my previous English classes.
(a)slippery slope (b)false analogy (c)ad baculum (d)either/or reasoning

3.) I should get an ‘A’ in this class because I have improved my writing skills.
(a)bandwagon fallacy (b)slippery slope (c)equivocation (d)appeal to tradition

4.) I should get an ‘A’ in this class because I studied and worked hard on all my essays.
(a)equivocation (b)slippery slope (d)ad-hominem (c)red herring


I want to check my answers before I write a sentence describing why. Can someone please help me check them?

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  1. Corrections:
    1. A
    2. B
    3. B
    4. B

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  2. I think number 4 might be Red Herring, Anyone please confirm?

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  3. I think your corrected answers are right. # 4 is probably red herring.

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