Math - Properties of Logarithms

Use properties of logarithms to find the exact value of the expression.


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  1. I think you mean

    4 log3(81)

    find log3(81) first
    3^(log 3(81)) = 81

    but 81 = 9*9 = 3^4
    so log3(81) = 4

    so we have
    4 * 4 = 16

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  2. I meant it the way it is written. The book answer is 256. In excel, it confirms that the answer is 256.

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  3. (log3 81)^4 , ((log3 81)=4 by definition)
    = (4)^4
    = 256

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  4. Hi, I have the same problem, but could you show the solutions in terms of "Properties of Logarithms"


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  5. ghyguh

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