A physiological support of hypnosis as a different state of consciousness is:

1. rapid eye movement initiated when a person is hypnotized.
2. a change in the electrical activity of the brain in hypnosis.
3. the sense of time removed.
4. reaction time slows down

Meditation results in an altered state of consciousness by:

1. reducing the activity level.
2. lowering the heart rate.
3. decreasing the use of oxygen.
4. refocusing attention.

Bryan was edgy and seemed to lose his temper at the drop of a hat. His sister suggested that he would benefit by practicing an altered state of consciousness. He was surprised to hear his sister suggest that he should take drugs, but was soon corrected when she explained that he should learn a meditation technique which would:

1. remove the memory of all life's problems from his mind.
2.leave him thoroughly relaxed.
3. bring greater amounts of oxygen to his brain.
4. increase his awareness of outside stimulation

Drug addiction occurs when:

1. an individual will lie about taking a drug.
2. a drug no longer causes a person to get high, but they take it again.
3. biological or psychological dependence on taking the drug develops.
4. a person can be without the drug no longer than five days.

Monique cannot seem to sit still, talks rapidly, and never seems to get tired at the end of the day. Her friends suspect that she is taking:

1. cocaine. 2.Rohypnol. 3.LSD.

Cocaine blocks the:

1.reuptake of dopamine.
2.production of dopamine.
3.reception of dopamine.
4.enzyme which inhibits the production of dopamine.

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  1. Where are your answers?

  2. I think......

    1. a change in the electrical activity of the brain in hypnosis.

    2. reducing the activity level.

    3. bring greater amounts of oxygen to his brain.

    4. a person can be without the drug no longer than five days.

    5. Rohypnol.

    6. production of dopamine.

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  3. for the question with monique i think it's a what about you

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