A bubble of gas, diameter 2 mm, is trapped in a container of liquid at normal atmospheric pressure (1 × 10^5 Pa) and a temperature of 25 °C. The container is opened on board an aircraft where the temperature is 22 °C and the surrounding pressure is 0.9 × 10^5 Pa. What is the diameter of the bubble as it escapes from the liquid?

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  1. Volume increases by a ratio
    where 1 denotes initial and 2 final conditions. T must be in Kelvin.
    That ratio is therefore
    V2/V1 = (1/0.9)*(295/298)= 1.100

    Take the cube root of that ratio to get the diameter ratio.
    D2/D1 = 1.032

    D2 = 2.065 mm

    You don't have many significant figures in your numbers.

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