global history

the wealth that enabled the Italian city-states to lead in the development of Renaissance arts was derived mainly from?

a)the quantities of gold and silver brought back to Italian explorers
b)concentration of riches in the hands of the king and his court
c)their participation in trade between Europe and the East
d)the location of the Vatican in Italy

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asked by Erica
  1. We'll be glad to check your answer.

    Hint: Marco Polo

  2. What's the answer then? One person hinted Marco Polo which means A, while someone else said B! >.<

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    posted by ladee.
  3. 3)their participation in trade between Europe and the East

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    posted by Darnley
  4. It's definitely C

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    posted by Emily
  5. I don't know im hoping I get the answer when I post

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  6. neither a, b, c, nor d

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    posted by Petunia
  7. It's C... Just answered this question on castle learning

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  8. It is c castlelearnin is right

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    posted by Loo
  9. its c guys

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  10. its neither

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    posted by Emily
  11. It's C

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    posted by Maddie

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