gr10 math

The playing surface in the game of curling is a rectangular sheet of ice with an area of about 225 m^2. The width is about 40m less than the length. Find the approximate dimensions of the playing surface.
How would i solve this?

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  1. Length = L meters.
    Width = (L-40) Meters.

    L * (L-40) = 225m^2,
    L^2 - 40L = 225,
    L^2 - 40L - 225 = 0,
    (L-5)(L+45) = 0,

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    posted by Henry
  2. Length = L meters.
    Width = (L-40) Meters.

    L * (L-40) = 225m^2,
    L^2 - 40L = 225,
    L^2 - 40L - 225 = 0,
    (L+5)(L-45) = 0,

    L+5 = 0,
    L = -5.

    L-45 = 0,
    Choose positive value of L:
    L = 45m = Length.

    Width = L-40 = 45-40 = 5m.

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    posted by Henry

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