Algebra 2

the demand for a new video game is given by the function p(x)= -x^2 + 5x +75. Correspondingly, the supply function for the same game is given by p(x) = 7x-9, where p represents the price per video in dollars and x represents the number of video games sold in thousands of games. Determine the equilibrium price (where demand equal supply) and the number of video games sold to achieve equilibrium. Solve graphically and algebraically. Use a scale where each box represents 10 units on the y-axis, 1 unit on the x-axis.

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  1. 7x-9 = -x^2+5x+75

    x^2 + 2 x - 84 = 0

    x = [-2 +/- sqrt(4+336) ] /2
    = -1 +/- 9.22
    = 8.22

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    posted by Damon
  2. I'm guessing you go to John Jay...

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