Okay so a nominal penny is a placeholder that is used to evade giving the real EPS?

Another place says the EPS for Virgin Blue is betweeen 18 and 19c.

Do you think I should ditch comparing Qantas to VIrgin Blue and instead compare historical? If so how long ago would be reasonable?

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asked by Em
  1. Hi

    My historical EPS is the 2004/05 one which is 24.9. The cost was 4.30.

    So the PE is 4.30/24.9?
    Because my calculator is telling me the PE it is 0.17... I'm thinking it should be a PE of 17, but I don't know where I went wrong

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    posted by Em
  2. Don't worry I saw my mistake.
    The EPS was 24.9 cents not dollars.

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    posted by Em

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