I urgently need to find a site where I can get a video lesson with transcript of the Holocaust.
By the way, could you check these sentences I'm not sure of?

1)Robinson’s ship was stuck (wrecked) in the sand and the waves were dashing over it. There was nobody there. Robinson was the only survivor from the shipwreck.
2)He looked out towards the sea and saw that the ship was much closer to the shore. The high tide had lifted it off the sand, carried it towards the land and left it on a huge rock less than a mile away. The ship stood upright firmly wedged into the rock. The waves had broken her up but her mast had been snapped off and all her rigging was gone.
3)There was no use in (?) thinking of what might have been. Then he swam to the ship and noticed that the front of the rock, which was uncovered, rose steep and straight into the air. Therefore, there was no place for him to set his feet. He saw a rope hanging down from the deck.
4)He seized hold of the rope and climbed hand over hand to the deck. The cabin and the storerooms ware dry. As a consequence, the food had not been touched by the water.
5)He filled his pockets with dry biscuits and ate them as he went about.
He decided to make a raft using the pieces of timber on the deck so that he could carry the food on (to) shore.

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asked by Henry1
  1. As for the video, see if any of the following links will suffice:


    The rest looks O.K.


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