If you could tell me the right answers, and an explanation why each is right thatd be great! thank you

1. A boot verb is irregular
A in four subjects
B in two subjects
C in three subjects
D in one subject
E in five subjects
F in all subjects

5. ¿Cómose dice "We play golf" en español?
A jugamos al golf
B juegamos golf
C juegan al golf
D juegamos al golf
E nosotros jugar al golf
F jugamos del golf

María: Hola Jose. ¿Tú ___(6)___ (querer) jugar un deporte?
A querer
B quiero
C quieres
D quiere
E queres
F queremos

María: No me gusta ___(8)___ al fútbol americano.
A jugar
B juegas
C jugamos
D jueguo
E juega
F juegamos

Jose: De los tres yo ___(12)___ (preferir) el baloncesto.

A preferir
B prefieres
C preferido
D prefiero
E prefiro
F perfero

María: ¿Tú ___(13)___ el baloncesto? Yo ___(14)___(pensar) que debemos , (we should) jugar al aljedrez.

A prieferes
B preferido
C preferir
D prefero
E prefieres

A pienso
B pensado
C pensar
D piensa
E pensos
F pensando

Jose: ¿Por qué? ¿Tú ___(15)___ (pensar) que tú no ___(16)___ ganar (win)?

A pensas
B pensadas
C pensar
D piensa
E pensando
F piensas

A podes
B podido
C poder
D puedes
E podemos
F puedo

María: No. ¿ ___(17)___ (poder) ver la lluvia?

A podes
B podido
C poder
D podemos
E puedes
F puedo

María: Es lo que ___(20)___ (decir, irregular) yo (That's what I say).

A dico
B dego
C dicho
D dieco
E decimos
F digo

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asked by Brett
  1. 1. A so-called "boot ver b" is one like poder, which changes o--->ue everywhere except for nosotros/nosotras and vosotros/vosotras. If you conjugate the verb with the singular on the left and the plural on the right:
    yo puedo nosotros podemos
    tú puedes vosotros podeis
    él, ella, usted puede ellos/ellas/ustedes

    Now draw around the 4 forms with the stem change and you end up with something that looks like a backward shoe! Now this is a PATTERN VERB for any shoe verb, so keep it in mind. Look at the stem (o--->u, e--->ie, e--->i, etc.) and the endings (o, s,---, mos, is, n)

    5. jugar is another "shoe verb" and the subject is nosotros. You must conjugate jugar to agree with nosotros = jugamos. When you play AT a game, the idiom is "jugar a" so the answer is A.

    6. This exercise is all about conjugating verbs. You need to know the tú form of querer = quieres

    8. The verb "gustar" is NOT the verb "to like" because that translation gets you into trouble. It is the verb "to be pleasing" and "to someone". Translate what you see: "Is it pleasing to you............. Now what form of jugar is i t? "the infinitive = to play"

    12. Preferir is another "shoe verb." If you look in the back of your textbook, you should find an Appendix that has pattern verbs conjugated. Here you need to know the form of "yo" which is "prefiero."

    13. Now you need 2 forms of that verb = tú and yo. We HELP here but do not expect us to DO the work for you. I have given you enough explanation that you should be able to do everything else here. Feel free to repost your answers if y ou have time and I'll check them for you, if I have time!


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