rec and leisure

does anyone have any ideas of a class interaction i could use for a presentation on youth recreation.

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  1. How are you defining "class interaction" in this context? We'll be glad to help you apply it to youth recreation if we have a general idea what you mean.

  2. jsut anything to get them involved in the presenation so it isnt as boring.

    the presentation is on a questionnaire that youths answered on their community programs for youths. we are talking about the municipality, our major findings and reccomendations of what the community could do to get them more involved.

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  3. How about throwing a basketball to one of the class members to start your presentation? You could ask the person a question -- perhaps one of the questions on the questionnaire. After s/he answers, s/he could throw the ball to another class member and you could direct another question at that person. Continue this for no more than 5 minutes.

  4. interesting idea.. thanks!

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