Can you please check these sentences for me? Thank you very much.

1) Gulliver made friends with Friday.
Gulliver called him Friday after the day of his rescue. Is it wrong to say "after the day in which/on which he rescued him.
2) Gulliver risked losing his life (??).
I usually have a veal cutlet for lunch.
4) First, I coat (?) the cutlet with flour, then I put it in a pan. I add some oil so that the cutlet doesn't stick to the bottom. I fry it lightly turning it (how do you say "from one side to the other?)

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asked by Henry1
  1. 1. Looks good. To use "on which" would work, yes, but not "in which."

    2. OK

    4. Add "and" after "flour," -- comma after "lightly" and (yes) "turning it from one side to the other."

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