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Need to do a comic strip of things that happened at the Red River Colony/ Battle of the Seven Oaks.


-Main ideas r contained in organized sequence.

-pictures and dialouges tell story

-uses speech, expression, and thought bubbles neatly printed.

-uses few words that say a lot

-shows action

-characterized people/objects

-effective use of humour

I've folded my big sheet of paper into 24 little squares. In each of those squares, I have to draw people like the Metis, and the Scottish settlers, and I have to write small sentences at the bottom describing what is happening in the images. Then I have to put bubbles around people, and say what they are saying.

I've done the sentences already.

Lord Selkirk is sad seeing the Scottish settlers in trouble. They are in need of food and money.

The settlers have a choice of moving to cites or immigrating to British North America. The settlers do not have enough money to emigrate.

Lord Selkirk establishes settlements in the Maritimes and in Upper Canada. He establishes a farming colony in the Red River Valley to solve problems of the HBC and the Scottish settlers. The farmers would have good fertile in the new area, and the HBC could use their produce to supply employees at a much less expense.

Lord Selkirk asks for a land grant in the Red River Valley, a part of Rupert’s Land. Selkirk and the HBC do not care about the people already living in that region.

Miles Macdonnel leads the Scottish and Irish employees to Red River. They reach York factory late, and do not reach Red River until a long period of time.

This group is joined by other colonists, and when they reach Red River, they are not happy with the harsh wintery weather. Therefore, they decide to go back to the NWC post of Fort Pembina.

In Spring, Macdonnel leads his group back to Red River. The colonists are shocked to see the failure of their crops, the climate, and are tired of the work they have to get done. They were hungry and had to go back to Fort Pembina for food.

A Second group of colonists land at the wrong factory by mistake and face harsh weather. During the next year of spring, they arrive the Red River colony.

Macdonnel issues his Pemmican Proclamation because he does not want to run out of food again. His proclamation bans sales and stops the Pemmican from getting exported.

The Metis are angry. Macdonnel tells the NWC to leave the Red River Valley.
Duncan Cameron, the NWC chief trader directs the NWC and the Metis, and together they harass the colonists by buring buildings, trampling crops, and firing rifles at night.

Cameron orders the colonists to leave, and arrests Macdonnel.

Robertson tells colonists to go back to Red River Valley. He makes peace with the Metis and the NWC.

Robert Semple, the new governor arrives with 84 new colonists. Robertson tells him to be careful of attacks, but Semple does not listen.

Semple attacks and burns the NWC fort Gibraltar. This actions tells the Metis that the Selkirk colonists want a war.

Cuthbert Grant leads group of Metis, attacks group of HBC boats on Assinbone River.

The put away a supply of Pemmican, which they view as a fairly good reward for Macdonnel’s Pemmican Proclamation.

A month later, Grant and a party of Metis arrive at the Red River colony. They are better armed and trained in military discipline. They believe they have a right over this area, and not the new settlers.

Semple and his 28 men ride out to face
the Metis. The Metis split into 2 groups, one in front of the settlers, and one behind.

Within 15 minutes, Semple and 20 of his men are killed, and only one Metis. The battle is named, “Battle of Oaks”

The colonists left to Jack River House, and once again the colony was destroyed. Selkirk was arriving to see his colony for the very first time. He hires a group of 95 swiss mercenaries to be on his side, and to support him. In return of their help, he promises to give them some land.

On the way, he meets Macdonnel, who tells him of the Battle of Oaks. Selkirk gets angry and moves west with his troops. He takes away the NWC depot of Fort William and moves down on the Red River. He takes military control of the area.

Selkirk makes a treaty with local Ojibwa and Cree nations, and gains possession of the Red River Valley along with both Red River and Assiniboine River.

After Selkirk leaves the area, he believes he has handled the dispute between the settlers, NWC, and the Metis.

As he arrives in Long, he is faced with a flood of lawsuits arising from the actions of employees in Red River. For the next 3 years, he battles the NWC in the courts, and dies in 1820.

There are 24 of them for each of the 24 squares. Some of them are still very long, so could someone shorten them please?

I really need help with the bubbles. I want the Metis, and the settlers to say funny things to each other, so what humour could I possibly add in my comic strip.

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