Language Arts

In the Holocaust a long time ago, did the Nazis ever give up their cruelness and become people again or did they all just get killed? Are there still some now?

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asked by Logan
  1. Hi Logan. After World War II, the worst Nazis were brought to trial and either executed or given prison sentences. The Nazi party was outlawed in Germany and many other countries. The people who had sympathized or worked with the Nazis kept quiet about what they had done and went back to living law-abiding lives.

    Occasionally a small group of modern Nazis becomes active but they aren't effective and they certainly don't kill or torture anyone. All they do is yell and scream -- as they did in a recent rally in my city.

  2. Hi Sue! If there's still some now and people don't know their Nazis then won't the cops find out and arrest them? If not could they possibly make a new army of Nazis to get revenge?

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    posted by Logan
  3. The groups of Nazis are so small that they couldn't possibly make up an army. Besides, the police watch them very carefully. When they had a rally in my city, there were dozens of police there, guarding against any violence either from or to the Nazis.

    Since we have freedom of speech, we can say practically anything without being arrested.

  4. Hi.
    hmmm. im doing a worksheet for my language class, and its on the last of the mohicans, i need help.

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    posted by Katy
  5. Katy -- please click Post a New Question and type your question. Please be specific about the questions you want to ask and what you think the answers might be.

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