Need help on which formulas I use to solve problems?

A coil of wire with 200 circular turns of radius 3.00 cm is in a uniform magnetic field along the axis of the coil. The coil has R = 40.0 ohms. At what rate, in teslas per second, must the magnetic field be changing to induce a current of 0.150 A in the coil?

What is the reactant of a 3.00 H inductor at a frequency of 80.0 Hz?

Compute the impedance of a series R-L-C circuit at angular frequencies of 1000, 750, and 500 rad/s. Take R = 200, L = 0.900 H, and C = 2.00 F.

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  1. 10.6 t/s

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  2. I need to have the answer for the same question

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